Mold Beyond the Microscope

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Microbiological Plate Enumeration

Microbiological Plate Enumeration

PSI Labs is proud to offer microbiological plate enumeration services for:

  • Flower
  • Edibles
  • Extracts
  • Other Cannabis-Infused Products

Our fungal plate tests will help you quantify possible fungal growth.

A Primer on Mold

Mold loves Cannabis

  • Mold, mildew and other fungi are everywhere, however, cannabis and cannabis products can provide the perfect place for mold to grow out of control.
  • Mold is bad for one’s health
  • The presence of high levels of mold and mildew in marijuana products can negatively affect a patient’s health.
  • Mold and mildew produce substances that can cause allergic reactions in some patients and can aggravate pre-existing immunological conditions in others. Those with severe immunodeficiency can develop mold infections in their lungs, which can be potentially grave, if not life-threatening to patients with seriously compromised immune systems.

Mold is bad for business

  • These fungi grow by eating precious cannabinoids, reducing the overall potency and skewing the cannabinoid profile of the product.
  • Mold and mildew smells bad, looks gross and negatively affects the overall experience for patients.

Fungal infection

A microscopic exam cannot tell us the relative amount of fungal infection. Yes there is a fungal infection - but how severe is it?

Problem: Microscopes are limited

  • Currently, medical marijuana testing facilities in Michigan only offer a visual validation (microscope exam) to ensure cannabis is free of mold and mildew. Visualizing fungi cannot tell us the relative amount of infection.
  • Visualizing fungi cannot differentiate beyond a mild outgrowth of fungi (800 colony forming units, e.g., and allowable for sale under all existing state laws) or an outgrowth that is catastrophic (800,000 CFU, e.g).
  • In other words, the microscope is limited in that it can only help us detect the presence of fungi, and cannot allow us to quantify mold growth.

Solution: Quantify

  • We have a simple solution to the mold identification problem.
  • The solution is to quantify the number of mold and mildew organisms using a plate count.
  • The plate count is the food and drug industry standard for determining microbiological burden.
  • States leading the legalization of marijuana mandate that flower, edibles, and extracts be tested for the presence of fungi using this method.

Quantitative test

The plate count - a quantitative test - allows us to determine precisely how much fungi are in flowers, edibles, and extracts, and compare those results to levels of safety determined by the US Pharmacopeia and other states.

PSI Labs Provides On-Site Mold Consultation Services

  • We are also able to perform targeted testing to identify the source of mold and mildew contamination in grows, kitchens and prep labs.
  • PSI Labs consultation services can help remediate and troubleshoot fungal problems when and where they occur.